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For over 5 years we have tapped into the most advanced technologies to create innovative solutions across industries and generate smarter systems that create a more intelligent world for its citizens

Website design and Web development

Amnex sees the world in multiple systems, waiting to converge. It’s a big world that we make sense of, to bring benefits where they are needed the most.

We infuse technologies such as IoT and Artificial intelligence into age-old farming practices, to ensure that farmers are able to achieve maximum productivity. From predicting crop patterns, to understanding soil and crop health, to aiding decision-making on crop management and improving water management, we bring better technology to the field by mapping and analysing complex agricultural pockets with great accuracy. This comprehensive agro-data empowers farmers, insurers and governments alike to yield a better harvest, year after year.

  • Web Developmentn
  • Amnex
  • Angular and Laravel Frameworks.
  • https://www.amnex.com/

Working Process


Planning to delivery we determine the Goal, and define Brand to locate the target audience. Analyzing your Competitors.


It encompasses several different aspects, including webpage layout, content production, and graphic design.


Developing from web apps to mobile apps, cloud-based or cross-platform desktop solutions.


Ensuring appropriate testing for all the web and mobile based system before going live, We address required issues before the system is live for public.


Once your system is ready, we create required marketing aspects to attack your potential leads, understanding your competitors and your business goal.

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