Identity Governance and Administration

Identity Governance and Administration

Automate governance procedures to lessen the possibility of improper or unauthorized access.

The least privilege principle is broken by granting excessive or unsuitable access rights, which also put your company’s information assets at danger. Use Identity Securite, a best-in-class identity governance and administration (IGA) service with round-the-clock monitoring and assistance, to lower the risks associated with end users having unauthorized or inappropriate entitlements.

Solve key Identity Governance & Administration challenges

  • Risk of excessive privileges
  • Need for both cloud and on-premise environmental support
  • Compliance efforts not efficient enough

Complete Third Party Identity Management

Identity Securite helps you simplify management of workforce identities, their access, and the policies that govern them.

Even while third-party contractors, vendors, and agencies are frequently used by businesses, most of them are unaware of the extent of their third-party relationships or the security concerns they pose.

With Identity Securite, managing workforce identities, their access, and the policies that control them becomes easier.

Work with IGA experts

The most knowledgeable identification specialists in the business can help you secure your surroundings. Our experts has unmatched expertise in executing and overseeing safe, expandable IGA systems and activities.

Implement a complete IGA solution

Regardless of the nature of your applications, Identity Securite's comprehensive IGA tool and user support for both automated and manual applications can help you assess and safeguard access to critical consumer, financial, and transactional data.

Explore rapid implementation

QuickStarts is Identity Securite's scalable solution for up to 10,000 users and up to four applications. It helps you solve fundamental IGA-related business problems and quickly recoup your investment.

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