Privileged Access Management

Privileged Access Management

Privileged Access Management

A set of security measures known as privileged access management, or PAM, assists businesses in managing and safeguarding their sensitive accounts from online threats. PAM is crucial to a company’s cyber health in order to prevent data breaches, significant financial losses, and reputational harm.

Why Identity Securite PAM Services?

The PAM Services from Identity Securite go beyond a straightforward vulnerability scan and technical solution provision. We give you the exact combination of knowledge, procedures, and cutting-edge technology to recognize, safeguard, control, and examine every privileged identity in your company, whether human and non-human.

Use an agentless solution that fits your existing infrastructure that is both powerful and readily deployed to prove compliance and prevent unauthorized access.

PAM Solutions

Protect & Manage Privileged Accounts

RACI charts, standards, prioritization/risk models, roadmap and strategy plans, and other tools help us build and improve your PAM governance.

Our team of security professionals has considerable experience in large, multi-vendor systems with the design, architecture, review, and deployment of PAM solutions.

Confidently Grant Access

Give internal and external parties the appropriate privileged access in a secure manner.

We collaborate with business and IT managers to establish the scope of accounts that need to be secured and privileged access, as well as the best course of action for implementing the necessary fixes.

Reduce Risk with Best Practices

Using best-of-breed PAM technology, we manage application credentials using tried-and-true, industry-leading procedures.

With the help of multi-factor authentication, Identity Securite can implement the best solution for managing privileged accounts and distant vendors by granting just-in-time access.

Privileged Access Management capabilities

Secure privileged accounts

Find and shut off accounts with the least amount of access privileges.

Privileged password management

Secure, find, and switch privileged credentials automatically

Monitor session activity

Real-time recording, monitoring, and auditing of privileged sessions

Demonstrate compliance

Demonstrate adherence to a thorough audit and control documentation.

Verify privileged identities

Using enforced MFA, make sure access is authorized.

A modern architecture

A simple, agentless solution that works with the infrastructure as it is

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